About Us

1. Organization Mission Statement: 

The overarching mission of the Latino Providers Network. Inc (LPN) is to maximize resources in the Latino community through advocacy, education and networking.

Our Vision :

A united, self-sufficient, empowered Latino community.
The overall goal of the LPN is to improve the quality, accessibility and cultural competency of public and private services available to the Latino community in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region.

2. Background and History:  

Established in 1992, the LPN was initially convened as an ad hoc group of organizations and residents who came together to share information and resources around critical issues facing the relatively new Latino community. As more and more community members and service agencies began participating in the Network and discussing the challenges facing this population, it became evident that a more formal structure was needed to coordinate and enhance the services being provided to the Latino community in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region.

In 2005 the Latino Providers Network (LPN) successfully obtained 501(c)3 tax-exempt status and formalized itself as an incorporated non-profit organization dedicated, through service coordination and expansion, to meeting the human and social service needs of Baltimore’s burgeoning Latino community.
In addition to functioning as a central focus point for networking among Latino providers, the LPN has recently expanded the scope of its work to become a leading agency in providing technical assistance and capacity building to member agencies and organizations. In this role, the LPN continues to accurately represent the Latino population in relevant public policy forums and endeavors to promote appropriate systemic reforms.

The Latino Providers Network manages and coordinates a membership community base umbrella organization with over 70 organizations and 200 individual members that provide direct services to the Latino community in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region in the areas of health, education, immigration, business, employment, arts & culture.

The LPN has been the recipient of financial support from Baltimore Gas and Electric, Bank of America, Diamond Plan, Amerigroup, PNC Bank, the American Cancer Society, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Minority Outreach and Technical Assistance Program, the Baltimore County Department of Health, the Annie E. Casey Foundation and MECU, Baltimore Office for Promotion & The Arts, we also receive annual membership dues and contributions from our Network members. Currently, the Latino Providers Network is the only organization of its kind in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region.

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